one church

The 403 Network is a family of churches from different denominations that partner together to see our city reached with the love of Jesus. Our goal is to grow unity in our city and to see the church become one church. We are convinced that the only way to see our city reached with the love of Jesus is to do it together, and we believe that God is calling His church to action to see all people experience the saving love of Jesus Christ.


The collaboration of 403 churches in unity to craft environments and experiences where young people

Encounter the presence of Jesus

 Invite and experience Holy Spirit power;

Receive practical training and resources;

Practice the ministry of prayer;

Are sent to reach their city.

Our Strategy

Three Year Rhythm Of Focus – Prayer, Service, Sharing

In light of how the Holy Spirit has been leading us, we will be entering a three year rotation of annual emphasis. This means that for one year, all rallies, our conference, our city-wide initiatives, and the involvement of our individual youth ministries will reflect the given emphasis for that year. Beginning with Prayer as a foundation, then serving the communities God has placed us in as a tangible demonstration of God’s love, and finally an emphasis on equipping our students to share their faith with their peers and invite others into a saving faith and personal relationship with Jesus.

This Year 2019 Focus – Prayer

As we are at the outset of this three year journey, we will begin with an emphasis on prayer. This will begin with the Summer rally in August at Calgary Life Church, where Michael Chinchilla, from Village Church, will be our guest teacher. From there, all pastors who choose to be involved will be entering a 40-Day prayer and fasting schedule with the intent that we both increase out intercession for our city and demonstrate to our students what this looks like. This will prove important, as we will be calling our students to a similar season of Prayer and Fasting at our October Rally that will span January and take us into our Conference season in February. We will be releasing a prayer and fasting schedule where you (and hopefully your church in some capacity) can sign up for a day or two until the entire 40-Days is covered. More to come.